Register now for Montana on a Mission's 4th annual Cow Country Stampede
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4th Annual Cow Country Stampede

Bring family and friends, enjoy a beautiful fall run or walk with a warm cup of tea or coffee in your hands! Our youth mission group will be selling cinnamon rolls and Cincinnati chili at 11:00 at the Melville church to raise money for their 2017 Kenya trip. We would love to see you! Register […]

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Christmas gifts that share more than smiles

Still wondering what to get that hard-to-buy-for person on your list?  Why not give the gift of life – in their honor? Make a donation to MOM in their name and we will send them a Christmas card to let them know, or we can send or email the card directly to you. 100% of […]

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Day ?: Total Exhaustion

I think this is day seven and total exhaustion might be the best way to describe how I feel right now! I don’t think I have ever preached this many times in such a short span, 9 times in 6 days not including the day we touched down and Monday. In spite of it I […]


Drive, Drive, Drive

                   Drive.  That was the theme for the day.  We left at 8am and our ‘funniest picture’ of the day happened right off.  The picture on the left is a political advertisement.  It shows the leader of India at a table with such notarieties as Obama,Clinton,Castro and even Prince Charles.  Unfortunately, people believe that stuff […]


Kids Day

                 Grace is Pastor Samuel’s daughter and it was her birthday today.  To celebrate, we took all the kids to a huge park.  It was a really fun time and we played on all the swings and slides and everything a kid needs to have fun.  As the kids warmed up, they spent […]