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The ‘secret’ to success

There’s always work to do. Maintenance and supervision of projects by Montana on a Mission local employees is what keeps the clean water flowing to the tens of thousands of people who depend on them for water daily. Did you know that up to 80% of the wells drilled in Africa are defunct for want of basic maintenance. We are committed to keeping 100% of Montana on a Mission boreholes flowing for generations to come!

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Kenya emergency food relief

Thank you! 12,000 hungry people received food thanks to you!
We just finished food distribution in each of our 13 Kenya project areas that have been hit by severe drought this past year. We are supplying a two week food pack for nearly 600 of the most vulnerable families and helping about 8000 more people with their staple energy food, Ugali. In some areas we had 200 families show up hoping for food. The beneficiaries are thanking God and thank you!