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Montana on a Mission
Montana on a Mission is in Big Timber, Montana.1 week ago
Big Timber, Montana
Hard to believe but it's Backpack To School time! If you are a parent or guardian of a student in need we would love to help you get ready for a great start to the school year. Please pick up a form at the grade school, high school or stop by the Big Timber Evangelical Church.
Applications due August 9th!
Montana on a Mission
Montana on a Mission is feeling thankful in Kenya.2 weeks ago
Water is life! 💦 Thanks to you these children and their families have access to clean water. This Montana on a Mission project is at the Ropile area in south central Kenya. It was completed a little over a year ago and is serving more people than we had dreamed! People are coming from near and far to fetch the safe, clean water for their families. Swipe to see the water this community had to use before the project.
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H2O for Life Kenya a project of Montana on a Mission

Montana on a Mission’s most recent clean water projects in rural Kenya, where there is an extended drought, were a huge success! 12,000 people now have access to clean drinking water for life, and 3 schools have clean water on site.

Why We Do It

We do what we do because God has blessed us! We want to be His hands and feet in this world. Our hearts break when people don’t have water, food, clothing or shelter.

We are not a relief organization, or at least not in the typical sense. Most of our work is done in communities where we have established relationships and we always go as learners and not just doers. We work with people in partnerships where we come alongside those in need and allow them to come alongside of us.