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Montana on a Mission
Montana on a Mission3 weeks ago
Rejoice in the saving power of the empty tomb. He is risen! ♥️
Montana on a Mission
Montana on a Mission4 months ago
Sweet Grass County, Montana
We are blessed to be a blessing! We had the wonderful opportunity to partner with Sibanye - Stillwater and the Sweet Grass Community Foundation, and under the organization and leadership of Brian and Kary Engle of Meats of Montana and Dan Tronrud and Wendy Stene of Sweet Grass county community health, to fill and distribute holiday food boxes again this year. Each family received approximately 80 pounds of food including meat, eggs, milk, fruit, dry goods and hygiene items. Our hope is to help ensure that those on a fixed income or facing financial challenges during this season have the food they need and feel the love and support of their community.
*More than 40 volunteers helped to fill and deliver the boxes over two full days. We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for generously giving your time during this busy season!
#Community #loveoneanother #loveyourneighbor #montanaonamission

Shine With Us

The students performed this poem during my visit in October. Seeing their smiling faces, the work that they had put into…

H2O for Life Kenya a project of Montana on a Mission

Montana on a Mission’s most recent clean water projects in rural Kenya, where there is an extended drought, were a huge success! More than 30,000 people now have access to clean drinking water for life, and 8 schools now have clean water on site.

Why We Do It

We do what we do because God has blessed us! We want to be His hands and feet in this world. Our hearts break when people don’t have water, food, clothing or shelter.

We are not a relief organization, or at least not in the typical sense. Most of our work is done in communities where we have established relationships and we always go as learners and not just doers. We work with people in partnerships where we come alongside those in need and allow them to come alongside of us.