World Water Day 2019 - Leaving No One Behind
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World Water Day

Very often, after sharing stories about our water development work in Kenya, people will ask, “what’s your goal?”.
The theme of this year’s UN World Water Day says it perfectly; “LEAVING NO ONE BEHIND”.
The facts are staggering…

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International Women’s Day

Today we are thinking of the 3.8 billion people in the world that don’t have…

Maasai families gather to watch the story of Jesus in their own language for the first time. Montana on a mIssion partners with Life Ministries to share the word of God through the "Jesus" film and "Magdelena"
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Ministry in Kenya

Over the past several years we have come to learn that while many of the local people identify themselves as Christians they don’t really know the Gospel story or much from the Word of God. Thanks to an incredibly generous gift …

Montana on a Mission is so happy to announce that the borehole at Papuyia has been completed and that their is now clean, safe, plentiful water for the community!
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Water for Papuyia

There is joy, hope and gratitude in the community of Papuyia today. Today they are able to fetch sparkling, clean water from there own community borehole.

The reservoir where the students used to fetch water for school before the pipeline was installed
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A startling difference

We visited the Ilturisho school this past spring and were able to get some video of the students there. They took me to the reservoir they used to walk to to get water for the school.  This water was used for drinking, cleaning and cooking! The next part of the video shows the students using the clean water from the pipeline. I’m sure you can appreciate the difference.  The video speaks for itself.