The students enjoying the Montana on a Mission school lunch program are thriving, and the school is growing! They now have 73 students, up from 60 at the start of the term in January. Thank YOU for bringing opportunity, education, clean water and nutrition to these students!
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Sharing Lunch

We just returned from Kenya and had the opportunity to visit the Lower Oloosekin school and check in on the new school lunch program, which just completed its second month. The students are thriving, and the school is growing! They now have…

water scarcity makes life in rural Kenya a struggle for the families there. Montana on a Mission partners with the community to bring clean water and opportunities.
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The ‘secret’ to success

There’s always work to do. Maintenance and supervision of projects by Montana on a Mission local employees is what keeps the clean water flowing to the tens of thousands of people who depend on them for water daily. Did you know that up to 80% of the wells drilled in Africa are defunct for want of basic maintenance. We are committed to keeping 100% of Montana on a Mission boreholes flowing for generations to come!

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To help the most vulnerable families; widows, single mothers, disabled parents etc. Montana on a Mission is putting together emergency food relief for all of our project areas. Please consider a donation now to disaster relief to keep a family alive during this crisis.