Montana on a Mission believes in giving a “hand up” rather than a “hand out” to those we are called to serve. This guiding value has led to the development of several educational initiatives, focused on giving young people the power of knowledge, skills and empowerment that will engage them back in their communities for the betterment of the lives of themselves and those around them. This value has been shown over and over again in the success stories of these remarkable young people. In 2014, a mission team got to see that in action when we visited the Dumagan family. Rodel, now 25, was one of the mission’s first scholarship recipients. He completed his studies at Cristal-E College, where he learned the trade of being a seaman.
_MG_2610Rodel is now a cargo boat captain. His family’s home in Calunarar Sur is decorated with gifts and mementos from ports around the world where Rodel has docked, but his greatest gift home was being able to support his brother, Charlie, through seaman school, too. Charlie has now completed his education, and is supporting brother Rigel’s college work. When Rigel becomes a seaman, he has pledged to work to send their sister Rosemarie to college as well. She hopes to study hospitality management. “I’m happy my children are studying like their brother Rodel,” their mother, Pacita told us. “Rodel was a scholarship recipient; now he sees happiness. So then he makes sure his sister and brothers go to school and find happiness, too.” College scholarships Montana on a Mission is currently supporting the college education of 15 students in the Philippines. They are studying a variety of trades — welding, nursing, education, seamen, and more — in order to secure viable careers and continue to contribute to their communities. Sponsorship costs vary depending on the program the student pursues, but average around $1,000 per year. Students apply for funding on an annual basis, and Montana on a Mission keeps sponsors updated on student progress and academic achievement. How to participate There are three ways to sponsor the never-ending gift of education:

  • Full sponsor: Choose to fully sponsor a student either with an annual one-time gift or commit to a monthly donation.
  • Giving group: Form a Giving Group with your friends or small group to contribute the full scholarship amount. A Giving Group allows members to only contribute what they feel led to give, but all members still receive the same benefit of a full sponsor.
  • Partial sponsor: Commit to a minimal monthly gift of $25 toward the general scholarship fund, and we’ll match you with other partial sponsors to fully fund a student’s education.

As a new sponsor, you’ll fill out a short survey to be matched with a student with similar interests. Next, you’ll receive your student’s photo, personal story and a complete student sponsorship packet. You’ll be an important part of your student’s success by being on their support and prayer team, and will receive periodic updates and communication with your team and the student on how to best support and pray for your student. Sponsoring a student will profoundly change the future of your student’s — and your own — life!

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