At the start of the 2013 school year in the Philippines, on the island of Bohol, Montana on a Mission initiated the “School Lunch Program”. At that time, 40 malnourished students were identified and enrolled. A few months into the program teachers reported that these students were more attentive, engaged in classroom activity and doing better in their schoolwork.  All students had a marked weight gain.

We continued to include more children in the program each year and beginning in 2018 we began to provide lunch for all students at the school. We are currently feeding 120 -130 children lunch at school each day.  The students’ parents help to provide firewood for the cooking fire and three local women are employed to prep and cook and serve the meals, as well as handling dishes and clean up. A fourth local woman, Vicki, manages the program and handles shopping and tracking weights and health of the children.

Children from the PhilippinesIf you are interested in helping with the school lunch program you can become a monthly sponsor or make a one-time donation right now. If you have questions contact us at or fill out the short form on our contact page.

Your generosity provides malnourished children with a healthy, nutritious meal at school each day for $18.00/ month. This meal may be the only healthy meal the child gets on a given day. The children also benefit greatly knowing that they have someone who cares about their well-being and are willing to commit to helping them learn and grow!

$18.00 per month covers the cost of feeding one student or you may choose to donate to the general School Lunch Program fund. Become a sponsor today!