It’s World Water Day and we have such good news! Lives are changing, families are healthier and communities are thriving because of YOU!

We just returned from Kenya and are celebrating all the ways you are showing love to our neighbors across the globe. When you arrive in a community, it’s very apparent whether they have access to clean water. You can see it as a spark in the eyes of the children, the lack of disease-spreading flies and the overall neat and clean appearance of the people there. There is a tangible sense of health and well-being. This is not what you see in communities that are still struggling to survive, fetching water from rivers or pools of runoff.

We were able to officially ‘open’ a new borehole with the community of Orngoswa a couple of weeks ago. It was amazing to see and hear their appreciation for the clean water. For the very first time, they are able to turn a knob and have clear, clean, safe water flow into their jerry cans. Water with which they can confidently feed their families and even quench their thirst! Water to bathe in and wash children’s faces, keeping the flies at bay. Water to wash and rinse dishes and to clean their clothes and bedding. Of course, we were incredibly happy to hear this, but perhaps the most encouraging words we heard from community members was how blessed they were that God had made this happen. They feel loved and are ready to pass their blessings along to others! AMEN!

Montana on a Mission wants to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your prayers and contributions. They are making a HUGE difference! We are so thankful to have the opportunity to share the Gospel with our brothers and sisters around the world and to save lives by bringing clean water.