NEEDED: motorcycle for MOM H2O For Life Kenya plumber and guard.

Meet Francis. A very humble man that has been working with Montana on a Mission from the very first project in Kenya. He doesn’t speak English and has never been to school but has taught himself the art and science of plumbing in the African bush. He watches over the Empopongi spring project and pipeline and keeps it running, serving the school and entire community of about 1800 people.
In this photo Francis stands next to a ‘flyover’ which keeps the pipe above a seasonal stream protecting it from being washed away. Francis designed and built it himself, spending only $160 on materials. The quote for this project from a contractor was $5000. On this project alone he saved MOM and the community over $4500!
During the past five years we have added 10 more clean water projects serving nearly 20,000 people and have four more in the works. Francis does all the repairs at these locations.
Motorcycles are relatively cheap in Kenya. $1000 will buy him a reliable form of transportation and allow him regular visits to all the projects, keeping the clean water flowing to the families depending on it.

Montana on a the projects are still operational and thriving! Allowing schools to grow, families to remain healthy and women the time to work on other industries. Bringing water in Jesus’ name allows people to see His love for them and see His glory!

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