MOM Kenya managers, David and Julius help a woman to lift a cow, weakened by starvation during the current drought.

We are in Kenya now working on water projects and emergency food relief. They are in the midst of a very severe drought that has been especially devastating to the people in agriculture. Water is life, not only for us but for the earth as well. The people here rely on the sale of their cows, sheep and goats to buy food. Families are just trying to keep their cattle and sheep alive but the battle is coming to an end and they are on the losing side. Those that can are providing some straw but it is not affordable for most people. Many have lost their entire herd and this their livelihood. We visited the large livestock market in the area yesterday. It was an incredibly dismal experience and really drove home the severity of the situation. Cows were dropping before they could even reach the market after walking miles to get there, and many died on the spot. For those that made it there were very few buyers and the prices are a small fraction of normal. No one can afford to feed them.

To help the most vulnerable families; widows, single mothers, disabled parents etc. Montana on a Mission is putting together emergency food relief for all of our project areas. Please consider a donation now to disaster relief to keep a family alive during this crisis.

Warning: Many of these photos are very hard to look at.

Many people are cutting branches and twigs to feed their cows.

The majority of people in rural Kenya rely on livestock and agriculture to support their families.

At the area livestock sale yard most cows arrive looking like this.

Those that can afford to, which are very few people, are buying small bales of straw (at an equivalent of $500 per ton!)and feeding just enough to keep their cattle alive.