The students performed this poem during my (Mery) visit in October. Seeing their smiling faces, the work that they had put into this awesome message of gratitude and the pride they take in the school fills my soul and I think it will fill yours too. Thank you for your generous contributions that make these transformations possible!
We have been on a journey with the Lower Oloosekin school and community for nearly 5 years. In 2019 we sat together under a tree to talk about their most pressing needs, first and foremost a lack of clean water. The women and children were walking long distances through the dangerous bush to find water for their families. Most often dirty water from small, stagnant pools or digging in dry streambeds and spending hours waiting for the water to seep up.
In 2020 with contributions from the community and many generous Montana on a Mission donors we drilled a well next to the small, one room tin school.
Fast forward to today. The well is supplying the community and the school with clean water. The population of the tiny school went from around 30 kids at pre-school level, with a local man volunteering to teach them, to four classrooms, 70 students, preschool through 3rd grade, a daily school lunch program, kitchen, toilets, handwashing stations and four teachers.
The health of the students and the entire community is drastically improved and the children now have hope and an opportunity for a brighter future. 
We thank you for making a life changing difference and humbly ask that you continue to partner with us to bring tangible signs of God’s love to more people, right here at home and around the world.