Playing football with the students at Saaten primary school, the site of a Montana on a Mission pipeline providing clean water to the children and their families.
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My YTK Experience – Keegan

Kenya was one of the most unique and humbling experiences I have ever had. All of the stuff we did and all of the people we met were truly amazing. I thinks the highest part or the best part of my trip would have had to be the people that we met and the relationships we made with them. They are so full of Gods love and are willing to give so much even though they have so little.

Montana on a Mission's H2O For Life Kenya program partners with communities to provide clean water. An important part of that is hygiene training including building and training in the use of Tippy Taps for hand washing while conserving the precious resource of clean water.
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My YTK Experience – Kevin

My experience on the Youth to Kenya trip was unforgettable. Leading up to the trip I had some ideas of what to expect but it was far more than I had imagined. The culture of the people and the way that they live their everyday lives is inspiring. So many little things that I take for granted are the very things that they work for. Being able to work alongside these people for two weeks was truly amazing.

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Karibu Kenya!

By the end of the day the first blisters had started to develop on all of our hands after swinging the pick axe, pounding the ground with a jimbe or scraping away at the stubborn earth with a long Maasai ‘sword’.