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New Tilapia Initiative!

It has been a while since we updated you on things going on in the Philippines! We have a great new project that is exciting for all you fisherman out there. Montana on a Mission has partnered with 2 barrios in Loboc, Bohol near Calunasan Sur to create a commercial tilapia operation. The barrios of Agape and Camayaan formed a People’s Organization complete with officers and staff. Some 39 members of the organization built these ponds:

Each member contributed materials and labor which was converted into a share of the business. As an example, if someone spent a full day of labor working on building the net pens, that converted to one share of the operation. Just this week, the first crop of fish was harvested and Denny & Ellen were treated to a Tilapia lunch as they were given a tour of the facility.

The people are committed to being a private business only. They have a well-written business plan. It’s amazing! They hope to re-invest funds to expand the cages to accommodate another cycle with the dream of as many as 20 cycles! Our investment with them is to provide some of the funds for fish food with the intent that they follow the business plan to expand and expand. Another side benefit for Montana on a Mission is that they have agreed to help us help other barrios in the future by sharing their experiences and expertise. We have already identified two other barrios that could benefit from a business initiative such as this. There are some costs involved and each round of fish food for new projects costs approximately $2,500. If you believe this is an important project, won’t you consider helping? You can help by praying for the success of this project and that God would be glorified as these barrios attempt to lift themselves out of poverty. You can also help with a donation for fish food purchases.

As we get more pictures and information, we will be sharing with you all. God Bless!










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