Fish Harvest

In January 2008, I arrived in the Philippines with big ideas on how “I” was going to help people raise fish.  As usual, God turned my arrogance into humility as he changed all my plans into his projects.  The best part of it all was seeing God at work.  Even though the way I thought things should go were never really considered, I was blessed because I took a step of faith and really wanted to help.  During that trip, we built three concrete fish tanks and started raising fish in them.  Now, just 18 months later, the barrio now has four tanks, one small family pond and one large community pond set up as a coop.  Last week, the members of the coop harvested the first crop of fish.  Around 2,000 fish were harvested weighing about 325 pounds and the coop made 12,800PHP (or about $270US).  Additionally, some fish were taken by each family to eat.  To me, it is very exciting to see how far things have come.  I look forward to visiting with all the coop members to see what they think about things.


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