Mission Opportunity in Montana


Providing safe drinking water to the families of Calunasan Sur was the first step in our work in the Philippines.  It has opened many new and exciting possibilities.  But one of the benefits that we are most excited about is that this project and others like it provide us with an ability to tell about Jesus in believable ways.  Often as followers of Christ, we like to tell people that “God is good”.  How are they to believe that God is good when they are in so much pain?

Similar to the water system in the Philippines, we have begun a local effort to create a “stepping stone” on the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation.  Last month, we met with Vern Turner, the director of the thrift stores for the Montana Rescue Mission in Billings. He and MRM executive director, Gary Drake, are excited to explore the possibility of partnering with MOM to form a thrift store on the reservation.  We contacted the Ministerial Association on the reservation and they also are enthused with the idea.   Vern Turner, Pastor Bryan, Deb and I met with them on September 16 in Muddy Cluster.  Out of that meeting a committee was organized to begin the formative processes involved with this effort.


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