Montana on a Mission is providing COVID-19 emergency food relief in Kenya, the Philippines and Montana

As several states begin to re-open, many of us in the United States are getting ready to emerge from our quarantine. Meanwhile, some countries are just beginning to face the surge of infection rates of COVID-19 and the reality of life in quarantine restriction.

We have been keeping in close communication with our ministry areas in order to encourage and support them and to be ready to respond quickly if they were heading towards a crisis. We have determined that time is NOW!

In Montana

we are responding to some short term needs of folks that just need a little extra help to get by this month until they get the green light to get back to work.


many of the families in the area we work are day laborers and have not been able to find work due to government restrictions. There are many families that are without income and without any way to purchase food for their families. We are responding by providing rice and support during this time. We want them to know they are not alone!

Due to Covid-19 restrictions many Maasai are unable to buy food . Montana on a Mission is responding to the hunger crisis by providing monthly food packages to vulnerable families.


the virus and related government restrictions are just ramping up. Our clean water projects are in the rural Maasai tribal region where most families make a living from raising livestock or from employment in the tourism industry. Tourism is completely shut down and those employees are without work and a paycheck indefinitely. Rural Kenyans rely upon a weekly “farmers” market in order to sell their livestock and then use the cash from their sale to buy groceries for the week. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the markets have been closed for several weeks now and many families are going hungry, unable to get cash to buy food. The most vulnerable; widows, orphans and the elderly are beginning to starve.

We will not let this happen!

We know everyone is feeling the pinch right now and we can’t thank you enough for your past partnership and generosity. Montana on a Mission is a voice for the voiceless and the only hope for many people. We are asking for urgently needed financial gifts and prayer to help keep families alive and fed right now.

Please consider making an emergency relief donation now. We are currently putting together 30-day food relief packages and soap to help each family in crisis.


You can feed a family for a month for $30!

Make a secure online donation today!

If you prefer, you can mail a check to: Montana on a Mission, P.O. Box 696  Big Timber, MT 59011