The past six months have been especially challenging, the world over. It’s impossible to decide if more harm has been done by the Coronavirus itself or the restrictions that are put in place to attempt to limit the spread and human destruction of the virus.

Thanks to our generous donors Montana on a Mission has been able to respond to needs locally and globally. MONTANA ON A MISSION IS YOU!

In our project areas in the Philippines and Kenya coronavirus restrictions are strictly enforced and many families are left with no income, no food and no way to provide even the basics for their families.

We are currently in our third round of emergency food distribution. This month, YOU have provided relief packages containing staple foods for more than 2500 families and kept them alive.

What a privilege to be able to share such a tangible example of the love of Christ! THANK YOU!

Unfortunately, the needs are growing and more and more families are in need of help and have nowhere else to turn. Please pray for them, share the story of their need with your friends and pray that God would continue to open the hearts of donors to provide relief.

Montana on a Mission is providing COVID-19 emergency food relief in Kenya, the Philippines and Montana