**NEW** $20,000 MATCH!

YOUR donations are keeping families alive during this difficult time.

For the past four months, only with your help and by the Grace of God, we have been providing emergency food relief to thousands of people in Kenya and the Philippines. We provide food packages to families in each of our 13 project areas in Kenya. These relief packages include cabbages, beans, cornflour (Ugali), cooking oil, tea, sugar, salt and soap. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the markets in Kenya have been closed since March, leaving the people with no way to sell livestock for money or buy food.

We are distributing bags of rice to 455 families in the three barrios we work with on the island of Bohol, Philippines. Families in the area are also struggling to get by during this time. Due to COVID-19 restrictions and ripple effects, many have lost their jobs and are relying on MOM for help.

Montana on a Mission is also excited to announce that we received a sizeable grant to further help with COVID related needs in our community.

Please consider helping us to meet this new $20,000 match offered to us by two generous donors who wish to serve the Lord by serving His people in LOVE.