Drilling a borehole in southern Kenya. Montana on a Mission partners with local communities to bring clean water to areas suffering from water scarcity.
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Emurua Dikkir clean water project

The most rewarding part of this work is seeing the faces of the community when they see the water. There is always a mixture of faith, hope, wishes and doubt before a well is drilled. Everyone is curious, of course, but there are usually a few people who don’t believe they will ever see water come up out of the earth.

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2018 Annual Report

Take a look back at 2018 through our annual report. We are so very thankful for all of our donors, prayer warriors and volunteers that have brought love through clean water, school lunches and service to thousands of people this year!

World Water Day 2019 - Leaving No One Behind
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World Water Day

Very often, after sharing stories about our water development work in Kenya, people will ask, “what’s your goal?”.
The theme of this year’s UN World Water Day says it perfectly; “LEAVING NO ONE BEHIND”.
The facts are staggering…

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International Women’s Day

Today we are thinking of the 3.8 billion people in the world that don’t have…

Maasai families gather to watch the story of Jesus in their own language for the first time. Montana on a mIssion partners with Life Ministries to share the word of God through the "Jesus" film and "Magdelena"
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Ministry in Kenya

Over the past several years we have come to learn that while many of the local people identify themselves as Christians they don’t really know the Gospel story or much from the Word of God. Thanks to an incredibly generous gift …