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The Calunasan Sur Elementary School is attended by students from Calunasan Sur as well as elementary age students from the neighboring villages of Canlisid and Ugpong. Presently, there is no library or access to computer technology. 

In 2007, the school erected a makeshift building from rusty corrugated metal sheeting and cardboard to house the preschoolers in a ½ day program. However, in families where both parents work, kids are left at the preschool for the entire day. In an amazing gesture of kindness, the preschool teacher will stay with the students without being paid in order to ensure their safe keeping. As soon as the kids occupied the building, it became apparent that it was not a safe situation. As you can see, this building is not only unfit for children, but most Americans probably would not allow their animals to live in this situation.
The idea for the learning center was arrived at jointly by the school and MOM.  It was apparent that the pre-schoolers should not continue meeting inside the walls of rusty metal.  As a result MOM has partnered with the school to build the Learning Center. Ultimately, this project will be used by both the school kids and adults (for further education).  The school made application for permission and funding from the Department of Education.  Our contact in Calunasan Sur, Along Bernaldez, contacted the Mayor of Loboc, the Congressman of Bohol and the Chinese Economic Ambassador.  The goal of this project and funding request was to build a learning center that will consist of a library, a technology center and a pre-school classroom. The end result was funding (primarily from the Philippine Chinese Chamber of Commerce) provided to build the basic facility. Construction started in August and  doors and windows are now installed.



It was to be the responsibility of MOM to acquire all the interior needs of the building including wiring, furniture, computers, books and paint. In early 2009, Montana on a Mission initiated a fundraiser designed to collect books and computers from Montana and ship everything to the new learning center. These photos show the loading of the U-Haul in Big Timber and unloading a shipping container in Calunasan Sur in July 2009.

Our remaining needs are for electrical service and furnishings for the computer lab, library and pre-school classroom.  We also hope to lay tile flooring and install security grills with screening.  Along Bernaldez is presently getting a quote for the materials for each of the above but it will cost in the range of $1,000 to $2,000USD.  We will need to aggressively campaign for funding this in time for our mission trip in January.
100% of the funding for the activity of Montana on a Mission has come from the donations of generous individuals and churches. We do not presently employ anyone. We rely on the volunteerism of those people who donate their time and resources. If this project touches your heart and you would like to donate financially to complete the learning center, please click on the paypal button on the home page. With your help, we can defeat poverty in this region by providing a quality education to these kids. Thanks for your support!


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