June 2017

Overall Kenya was an incredible experience.  Almost everything there was different than here and picking just a few things to share is hard.  I think one of the most interesting things that happened was that this one day we pulled up to the school and Keegan and I went into the third grade room to grab some pipe.  At the moment we picked up a roll of pipe all the kids grabbed some pipe and started bringing it to the rig without being told. It was really cool how willing the kids were to help even when they were busy.

I also thought the church at the camp was really cool how the pastor integrated Maasai and English into the songs and really brought us into the worship.  They made us feel appreciated and a part of the community.

One of the things that I didn’t really like was how the village expected us to pay them to dig their pipe line.  It could have been a cultural difference and stuff but it rubbed me the wrong way as a first impression.  It was nice that some of them came back and helped finish the pipeline.

I miss Kenya.  I miss the people there.  I miss the kids especially.  I love how they loved us and welcomed us!  They would run to grab our hands as we walked.  The kids loved to smile and laugh and play.  God has blessed them with their heart and excitement for life.  I want to go back after learning Swahili and Maasai so I can get more into their culture and life.