Montana on a Mission is so happy to announce that the borehole at Papuyia has been completed and that their is now clean, safe, plentiful water for the community!

There is joy, hope and gratitude in the community of Papuyia today. Today they are able to fetch sparkling, clean water from their own community borehole. This gift means that illness from waterborne disease will be slashed. More children will have the opportunity to attend school regularly since they won’t be struggling with sickness and having to spend so much of their day hunting water for their families. Mothers will have plenty of water to wash their clothes and keep their children clean. Quality of life in Papuyia just took a big step up!

We are so thankful to Globe Leadership for partnering with us and providing the funds for this project! Thanks to you, Papuyia now knows the joy of clean water and hope for what the future will bring. Best of all, they know the Love of the One who has provided the water and the Living Water that will ensure that they never thirst again. (John 7:37-39)