sharing songs with the students at Saaten primary school, the site of a Montana on a Mission pipeline providing clean water to the children and their families.
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Digging, good Samaritans, “Yes Lord!” and football

After digging away at the trench all morning we were all glad for the break, receiving the dazzling smiles of the children. One of the top students demonstrated his reading and English skills in the classroom then we headed back outside.

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Karibu Kenya!

By the end of the day the first blisters had started to develop on all of our hands after swinging the pick axe, pounding the ground with a jimbe or scraping away at the stubborn earth with a long Maasai ‘sword’.

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Saaten School – YTK 2017 Project

We will be taking a group of eight high school students to Kenya in a couple of months. The group has been training, studying and working hard at fundraising since last July. The primary focus is on building relationships and giving the students the experience to see first-hand how different life is for most people who live outside the western world. We won’t just be sight-seeing, we will be partnering with the locals and working on established MOM projects in three areas: clean water development, health and hygiene training and kids ministry.

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The crew has been working steadily to install the towers, solar panels and tanks at both locations of the new boreholes – Oiti and Eluai. They are awaiting the arrival of the pumps. As soon as these are installed water will be flowing to nourish families and animals with clean life-giving water!