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Fresh water

Great news! The water is running at the clinic and school and the Empopongi kiosk is fully operational. Our first Kenyan spring development project is now providing clean, fresh water to over 2000 people in the community! THANK YOU Montana on a Mission donors, this is what we can do together! “For I was […]

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During our most recent trip to Kenya one of the primary goals was to travel outside the area served by our last water development project and determine the needs of the surrounding communities.  One Sunday afternoon we visited a spring called Ripoi where many women fetch water to provide for their families. Over 400 people […]

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New Tilapia Initiative!

It has been a while since we updated you on things going on in the Philippines! We have a great new project that is exciting for all you fisherman out there. Montana on a Mission has partnered with 2 barrios in Loboc, Bohol near Calunasan Sur to create a commercial tilapia operation. The barrios of […]

Upcoming Mission Trip

Loving Your Neighbor in the Philippines One of the things that we have noticed after multiple trips the the Philippines is that loving acts of kindness go a long way toward helping people understand God’s love. Over the last several years we have participating in installing clean water systems, building homes for those in need, […]