June 2017

Trip Summary:

My experience on the Youth to Kenya trip was unforgettable. Leading up to the trip I had some ideas of what to expect but it was far more than I had imagined. The culture of the people and the way that they live their everyday lives is inspiring. So many little things that I take for granted are the very things that they work for. Being able to work alongside these people for two weeks was truly amazing.

The work I was able to be a part of was very gratifying and satisfying to see accomplished. Knowing that the school now has a water line and the people in the area will have access to clean water is wonderful. Also being able to spend two weeks in Kenya with a great team from Big Timber was incredible.

Favorite Experience:

During a few our time with the kids at the school and at the pipeline, I was able to really connect with them and see their true personalities. Playing games and talking with them I got to see how they grow up and what they learn in school. These kids are really special and I enjoyed all of the relationships that I was able to make with them.


The hardest part about the trip was probably accepting their culture. Some of our own customs and ways of life aren’t viewed the same in Kenya. Although I expected it, the culture shock was very strange to get used to.

Lesson I took home:

The Maasai people have a real passion and fervor for God and living a Christian life. Every day they trust that God will provide for and protect them. So many small things in my life that I take for granted are on their minds constantly. After this trip I have definitely begun to appreciate the many things that I own and use on a daily basis.