Hello From Jeane Aller

 Free Clinic Day  What can I say — if this is what socialized medicine is about — you will all need to spend a day at a Health Clinic in Loboc before you vote next time.   300 plus Barrio residents lined up even before the doctors and nurses arrived. Everything from dental to meds to […]

Hello From Jane Lowry

Hello everyone, I am currently working on getting books catalogued for the school library. Deb, Cheryl, and I are the team and we have 750 books done with lots more to do. I have run across books from Big Timber and think about how generous our community is and how supportive everyone is. Montana on a Mission is […]

Who gets a cold?

So, who gets a cold in the Philippines?  I do, I guess.  How can that be fair?  Anyway, we are sitting around waiting for the Christian Fellowship this morning.  I will be posting some new video this afternoon along with stories from the other folks that are here with us.  Yesterday we had a medical […]

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January 2010 Trip – Day 1

Kumusta, We are here! After two days (seems like weeks) of traveling we arrived at Tagbilaran airport yesterday morning and made our way to Sunrise House. Jay, Justin and I rode on top of the bus with our luggage. It made for an interesting ride and provided lots of entertainment for the locals! Upon arriving […]


The team has arrived safely!  This is my fourth trip and by far the easiest as far as getting on-time flights and all baggage here.  We already took a tour of the barrio and it is exciting to see all the changes that have taken place since being here in October 08.  We are already […]